Writing for Search Engines

Here’s a great article written by my close associate, Dave Davies from Beanstalk-inc.com:Some believe that the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is changing in the post-Panda world. A belief that content has suddenly appeared on the radar as the end-all, be-all of ranking highly on the search engines is discussed on virtually every relevant site I’ve been to.Here’s the problem with that belief: content has always been an important factor. How content influences results may change over time or (better worded) our understanding of how to use content may evolve, but to be sure – content has always and will always be a key factor in the algorithms in one capacity or another.

If we flash back to the “Wild West days” of SEO, content keyword stuffing and keyword density targeting were all the rage. Massive sites were built, injecting regions onto pages to rank sites for a wide array of locations – and it worked. These sites ranked and why? Content.

Rightfully these strategies don’t work well anymore (not to be confused with “doesn’t work at all” but this is a “best practices” article and not a “here’s how to trick and spam Google” article) but content being generated for search engines is hardly new.

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