What’s The Deal With Ovaltine..

I recently discovered something amazing…it’s called WordPress. I kid of course. I’ve known of its existence for many a year.  But until recently, blame it on the economy perhaps, but not many people, AKA perspective clients ever really asked about WP before.

But lately, the phone is ringing a lot more often with requests for a WordPress platform.  WordPress (WP) is an absolutely incredible alternative to paying thousands upon thousands of dollars on a custom, Content Management System (CMS).  The reason of course is most functions you can think of have already been developed by one of thousands WP editors.  I hesistate to use the word, “widget” so let’s use, “plugins”.

Need recurring billing?  WP has a digital download for that.  Now if it were as easy as plug and play, I’d be out of a job.  These plugins, need to be integrated into your site, tested and scrutinized.  And in most cases, modified to your spefic need.  So whilst there is expertise required, it’s not as intense as creating custom features from scratch.  Everything has it’s benefits, with WP is time and cost.  And these days, what better benefit is there?

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