What’s App?

We all pretty much know by now, that smartphone apps are growing and will continue to do so over the next decade.  With Instagram selling for a gadillion dollars and recently, OMGPOP, developer of overnight app sensation Draw Something, was acquired by Zynga for a reported ~$200 million on Wednesday. Draw Something was released in early February, had 1 million downloads after 9 days, and approximately 35 million downloads six weeks later when OMGPOP was acquired.

Safe to say with numbers like these, Apps are well sought after.  From college kids living in their mom’s basement, to business grads, everyone wants to develop the next million dollar App.

Well, good news.  FOT can help you do that. No, we won’t buy your App for a million bucks.  If we could afford that, would I be sitting here writing about Apps?

Frog On Top is very please to announce our new App Development Division.  It’s got a nice ring to it, no?  We are developing our very first sports app for the awesome, weownyou.com and will have it ready for beta testing end of October.  So make sure to check back for its launch.

No matter what you are looking to get done, send us an email and we’ll get you on your way.  We’ll have you living like Zuckerberg in no time.

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