Why a Website Matters For Your Job Hunt

job hunting

Before the Internet, our biggest concern when applying for a job, other than getting the job, was what  paper stock to use for our resume or CV. You can’t use standard white, it needs to stand out…but of course, like everything else, it’s what’s on the paper that counts.

Once you figured out the color and weight of the paper, the next challenge was trying to fit all of your awesome karate, French, and jam-making talents and other special interests onto one page.

You shave everything down as best as possible, squeeze it all on a single page, (scrapbooking didn’t make the cut), slip on your ill-fitting suit, and embellish your way through an awkward interview. Of course you follow up a few days later by sending a letter thanking them for their time, blah blah.

Those times were awesome.

It’s now almost 2014. Safe to say we are competing with an exponentially larger job market than even 10 years ago. So whether you are looking for work, or looking to hire, the approach may have changed, but the execution has stayed the same. We still need to go through awkward interviews, in some cases personality tests, and the all-around hiring process, but the approach to getting that interview now goes beyond your light gray 24-lb sheet resume.  more