New Zealand’s Hidden Gem


Over the last couple of days, I’ve been getting email newsletters from, ihiphop distribution.  These newsletters took me back about 7 years ago, when Frog On Top was commissioned by Chuck Wilson to develop an all hip hop based, social media network.  I knew Chuck from the time I worked with Vin Diesel on his web projects, so naturally I wanted to keep the good connections going.  I accepted the contract.  Great, now all I needed was someone who knew WTF they were doing…

A guy I worked with at the time, got in touch with some kid in New Zealand.  When I say kid, I’m not being condescending.  I really mean, a kid.  I think he was about 15.  With no budget, there was little choice, I had to hire him.  I forget how long the job took, but I do remember being blown away with what the kid was putting together.  “A video converter?  Sure, I can do that…is $200 OK…?”

So in-between cleaning his room and dates with his girlfriend this wonder kid put together an incredible social media platform called, HIPHOP Crack… which eventually became what you are seeing here:  The site landed us a mention in Billboard magazine which helped FOTS reach the next level.

If you’re wondering why he’s not working for FOTS anymore, that’s because he got some job at some small company called twitter doing something called a, Senior Software Engineer..?  Not sure what that means, but I think it means no more video converters for $200…

Anyway, the “kid” is no longer a kid.  His name is Tom Rix and it’s been awesome to watch him grow.  I’d suggest you follow him because chances are you’ll be working for him one day.