And You Run And You Run To Catch Up With The Sun But It’s Sinking…


Social Media is a time consuming investment that involves networking with a human touch. Much like attending a networking party, we initiate conversation with others with the goal of leaving a healthy impression and a business card. When we arrive at a networking mingle, we search for conversations to engage in, then from one person to the next we are being introduced throughout the engagement and find we too have a stack of other business cards. If we made an impact on any one of these people we should be receiving referrals from people outside the group at the same time we create ripples by referring other businesses.

All social media platforms are a daily affair and, unfortunately, not a once in a while networking event. To grow or even keep a fan base it takes daily interaction, but if networked wisely you will have your fan base introduce you to other potential fans, cutting down the time you spend on a site or at least doubling to tripling your invested time. Finding current trends and sharing competitors/colleagues posts are a great way of drawing in new fans or followers. Utilizing the full spectrum of Social Media by funneling the conversation over all platforms is highly important. Personally updating posts and possibly engaging others independently rather than depending on re-routing updates through FaceBook to Twitter like “FB me”. By doing this it allows us to continue to work the room and find influencing people or companies to help share and spread our updates.

Having a Social Media presence to reflect your work and expertise is highly important. Most owners of small business or the general public will look up other businesses and people using FaceBook. This helps them know how influential the business or person is that they are investigating. This process helps clients in making decisions, if they want to engage or not engage with a certain company or person. Gaining followers and fan base does not have to involve contests or gimmicks right out of the gate, but can be done with simple engagement and strategic following or proper use of the platform. Using twitter to sway interest to FaceBook can be achieved simply by using the tools Twitter provides for trending a topic or highlighting certain important followers. Using # can add a lot to any Tweet as it can bring others who are interested in your #topic to you, or by using (#FF) Follow Friday to promote an influential follower, you can ripple your persona on twitter as well place you in good standing with others.

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