A Rose By Any Other Name

Have you ever read a review online or in a magazine only to finish it and wonder what it was you just read?

I remember reading Rolling Stone magazine’s album reviews and if not for the actual *star* rating system, I’d have no idea whether or not the author actually liked the album.  It was if the writer sat there with a thesaurus and used as many big words as possible.  No doubt in an attempt to satisfy the Editor’s word count quota.  Like in High School…using the word, “very” in an English composition as many times as possible to reach that 500 word total.  In fact, much like I am doing now.

These days I get the same confused feeling when I read some websites. They offer, “…rich content media, with vertical integration and system technology with analytics…” It’s all great.  It’s all designed to make you feel like they know what they are talking about.  To “WOW” you.  It’s like a car mechanic talking shop.

Sometimes this tactic works.  However, most times, you just want a straight answer.  Don’t tell me about the widgets, and flushing the radiator.  I’m here for my brakes.  So just tell me what it’s going to take to get them fixed, in plain English.

It’s the same when building your website.  If your designer or programmer is talking too fast (blame it on the coffee) or ask them to slow down and repeat it in a way that makes sense to you.

Sometimes we forget to switch from geek speek to lay speak and we just ramble out acronyms and scripting languages as if talking to Spock. You need to feel comfortable with your “Web guy” if not, it’s going to get ugly.  Are we at 500 words yet..?

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