Think Global, Buy Local. The Benefits Of Local Web Developers

sherman oaks web development

The Benefits Of Local Web Developers ~ The hippie adage, think global, buy local  doesn’t just apply to buying groceries.  Much like the corner farmer’s market, shopping around for a local web designer or developer has huge benefits.  Mainly, you know exactly what you are getting, and if you don’t get it exactly what you want it, you can drive … Read More

Lalo Schifrin Just Got Way Cooler!

bullitt vinyl release

Coolest composer (and client) on the planet just got cooler. How? Limited release vinyl of the movie classic, “Bullitt” BOOM! From Theresa Eastman Schifrin: “Excited to share our first vinyl release to the classic film score of “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen. Art and design by yours truly, liner notes by the fantastic Nick Redman and the hippest score I know … Read More