Lose The Fat. Convert To WordPress

convert website wordpress

Lose the fat.  All that extra weight making you feel sluggish and tired?  Can’t keep up with the others?  Tired of being picked last?  Then get back into shape.  Convert that old, over inflated website of yours into WordPress and get yourself back into the game.  Lose all the redundant code, cut the fat and streamline your online presence.  You’ll … Read More

How Much For A Website? Prospecting New Clients.

prospecting new clients

A good buddy of mine runs a photobooth company, hollywoodphotobooth.com We love getting together to talk business.  We’re in completely different  industries but it’s always interesting to compare notes on our various work projects and clients.  What I have learned, regardless of industry,  is that our grievances and challenges always seem the same. He told me about someone who called … Read More