Finding A Good General Contractor Is Hard To Do

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If you own a home, then you know that finding a good, reliable and honest general contractor is pretty hard to come by.  In fact, finding anyone these days who’s reliable and honest is pretty dificult.  It takes time.  Maybe you hired a guy to fix some wiring in your house, messed it up, doesn’t take accountability for his mistakes … Read More

Say Bloody Mary 3 Times Into A Mirror, An MLS WordPress Plugin Will Appear

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MLS WordPress Plugin ~ Hopefully you will read this article before you agree to develop a website for a real estate client using a WordPress solution.  At first glance there appears to be 100’s of awesome WP plugins to help when developing an MLS (multiple listing service) website.  It’s only after you spend about 20 hours of research you realize … Read More

Forecast Budget And Schedule Completion

Forecasting your budget and your receivables is crucial for any business, let alone a small one.  And by small, I mean you.  You and a ragtag  team of merry men that may include a couple of developers and designers.  After you ask your client, their budget, you then should ask what their  time frame is.  This helps in 2 ways.  … Read More