Setting Your Price

Finding your place in the market is not an easy task. Charge too much, people will walk. Charge too little, people won’t take you seriously. The latter, is a tough one to learn. I, naively used to think, if I undercut everyone, I’ll do well for myself. Offer the cheapest rates and everyone will come to me. Let me tell … Read More

Setting Client Expectations

Setting a client’s expectations seems like a pretty straight forward thing to do. It isn’t. Some clients, if not most, will always want more than they are willing to pay. Or, they think your quote is too high based on what they want. Because a website is not a physical object they can touch, or drive, or live in…it’s difficult … Read More

What’s Your Budget?

When I was 18, I knew these 2 guys that bought and sold cars. I happened to be looking for one, so they showed me a Ford Escort. They asked me what my budget was. I told, them $1500. Guess, what? The car happened to be $1500. What a coincidence. Turns out the thing was only worth about $800. That … Read More

Be Accountable

Hopefully, by the time you get out of high school you learn that, for better or worse, your reputation is everything. Unfortunately, when you’re young, sometimes you don’t quite get that. The good news is, if you mess up, you’ll probably end up moving to a new town or city when you’re older anyway so you can start over. But … Read More