How To Find And Work With A Good Designer/Developer

A couple of weeks back I wrote about dysfunctional web designers/developers. Today we’ll discuss how to actually find a and work with agood one. I guess first, you can start out by not calling them dysfunctional. I’ve been managing projects and designers for 13+ years and it’s tough for me to find a good worker, so imagine what it’s like … Read More

Contracts? We Don’t Need No Stinking Contracts…

When I first started my empire…I didn’t use contracts.  “My email is the contract” I would foolishly claim (to no one). Because I never cared much for “corporate” I wanted to try a different business model.  A model apparently, no one else uses… a business model that would eventually fail miserably.  Please, allow me to explain: My big thing when … Read More

Responding To Emails: The Bueller Effect

Last week we discussed managing dysfunctional employees. Not so much how to deal with them because  you don’t. You fire them and move on. It was more about how to spot one, how we all have had to deal with one and their negative impact on your business. This week, we discuss the “Bueller effect”. You send an email to … Read More

Managing Your Employees

managing employees

I was told that unless you are paying for a guy to physically come into an office and work, you, as the employer, have no control over them.  In other words, you can’t expect freelancers to be accountable.  This statement of course was made by an unaccountable freelancer.  And by unaccountable I mean, having little to no communication in the … Read More