How Long Do I Wait To Call?

Remember when the biggest stress in your life was trying to figure out how long before you call her?  A day, 2 days… that night?  Fast forward 20 years later.  You’re now a small business owner (sucker).  You get a lead.  Either in the form of an email, a voice message, text, whatever.  Do you call back right away?  You … Read More

The Disgruntled Employee

disgruntled employee

Safe to say that if you’re about to fire someone or “let them go” they’ll have some sour feelings towards you.  The extent to which they will take those feelings of course depends on the content of that person’s character.  But even if you think you know them, they might end up surprising you anyway.  And by “surprsing you” I … Read More

And You Run And You Run To Catch Up With The Sun But It’s Sinking…

Social Media is a time consuming investment that involves networking with a human touch. Much like attending a networking party, we initiate conversation with others with the goal of leaving a healthy impression and a business card. When we arrive at a networking mingle, we search for conversations to engage in, then from one person to the next we are … Read More