Is There Life On Mars

Congratulations to Lalo Schifrin, (an awesome client of ours) who’s Mission Impossible master piece was used to wake up Curiosity on Mars.  Pretty trippy. Business Insider: “I never imagined that when I wrote ‘Mission: Impossible’ it would one day be used to wake up a robot on Mars. That just goes to show that ANYTHING is possible. I am very … Read More

Web Site Design with Conversion Rates in Mind

First of all, what is conversion?  A website’s conversion rate is the number of visitors versus the number of sales or inquiries the site receives each month.  There are many simple tips and tricks to implement that will help streamline a site and aide clientele in finding the product or service they seek.Here are a few elements to consider when … Read More

Browser Compatibility

It may seem obvious enough, but you need to make sure your website is compatible on “every” browser.  This means your website looks and functions the way it’s supposed to, the way you intended.  I put “” around the word, every, because we only test a few generations back.  We go as far back as IE7.  Any browser further than … Read More